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Flash Fiction Challenge

Challenge for Chuck Wendig at terribleminds.com   Pick three of the five words and write a hundred word story.  Enzyme, Ivy, Blister, Bishop, Lollipop.  Was intrigued by the hundred word part as much as anything.


Ivy sucked the bishop like a lollipop.  Hellfire and humming hooked him hard.  He couldn’t wait to come again.  She went to report another pious soul on the road to damnation.

Management could scarcely speak through his laughter.

“His room’s been ready since he was a deacon,” Management said.  “You might as well have seduced a lawyer.”

Ivy grumbled, “Take a few centuries vacation and completely lose touch with the mortals.  It’s going to take me all day to get the taste of clergy out of my mouth.”

Management, not without pity, slipped her a sulfur breath mint.


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Wreck in Progress

Just a placeholder.  I have been convinced after a year to try the blog one more time. Carnival is about to start down here. I’m close to finishing another novel in my unending stubborn pursuit of publication. And last night a panda, a cheetah, and a duck walked into my local pub. As soon as I figure out the punchline to that little joke I’ll put up my first post in this attempt to relaunch and reboot.

And yes, the panda was cute.

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